New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

I was born and raised and have been a lifelong resident of Sault Ste Marie. I have always stayed strongly rooted in this City that I love. My wife, Cindy, and I have raised our family of 2 boys, Kyle (28) and Aaron (19) here and built a successful small business. My family and I absolutely love Sault Ste. Marie, the warm nature of the people, the landscape, and the community.


When I was Ward 6 Councillor, I was always available to constituents, always listened to the concerns of my constituents and represented them fully. I am well known in the community for my openness and ability to talk to a complete stranger, whether in the grocery store, local hardware store, community event or on the bike trails.


I look forward to serving this community and focussing on the critical issues that must be addressed. My sole intention going forward is to represent Sault Ste Marie and be recognized as an advocate for the constituents. 


I have been humbled by the tremendous number of individuals who have reached out already.


You can contact me through the Contact page, and I would be happy to discuss the issues with you.

    Ozzie Grandinetti